Birth Announcement! Welcome Mary Hayes Grieco’s New Book

AMBUSHED BY BABIES Silly, Sorry, & Sacred Tales from my Reproductive Adventures, is now available as an ebook and an audio book. It’s a fat, feisty feast of storytelling in which Mary shares her life adventures with pregnancy, birth, and mothering.  If you enjoy listening to Mary’s wisdom and animated storytelling on the Rise and Thrive Podcast, you will love this sweet and funny spiritual memoir. From Irish Catholic wise child to pregnant teenager, to hippie home birth mama , and all the way to The Tale of the Reluctant Grandmother, Mary’s stories span six decades and our culture’s changes around women, sexuality, choice and childbirth. Satisfying and delicious – enjoy it now!

Learn more, read or listen to the foreward, and order your book today at

Here’s a 10-minute podcast with Mary’s invitation to you to share in her story, and some reflections on this creative work, which was 25 years in the making  – a long pregnancy indeed!