De-fund and dismantle the police?

Mary’s point of view from Powderhorn Park, Minneapolis: “Our solutions need to be holistic.”

Welcome to this special edition of the Rise and Thrive podcast. In the wake of the murder of George Floyd and the civil uprising that flamed across Minneapolis, there came a call to end systemic racism in police departments across the nation.  The question of how this will be done – reform the system or dismantle the system and transform our approach to police-ing –   is a very controversial question.

As a block leader for 35 years in Powderhorn Park, Minneapolis, Mary Hayes Grieco is familiar with working directly with both the city police and the people that they arrest for the crime in her neighborhood. In this podcast, Mary shares her perspective on the questions surrounding the future of policeing in our cities. We hope you find this valuable, and if so, that you’ll share the podcast with the people you know who are interested in this issue.