It can be a big struggle to let go, move on, and get over the losses and disappointments we all experience in life. Mary and Erin reveal that there is a way to get through and get over the hurt and heal the wounds from even the most devastating losses and biggest disappointments.

Episode Highlights, Ideas and Wisdom:

  • Feeling hurt, wounded, bent out of shape, damaged, and traumatized by things we experience in life is normal and very human. But, letting those feelings hang around torques our sense of reality, blinds us to what is possible and robs our ability to be joyful.
  • You can actually go forward. You can get over things. It won’t take forever There is a shape to how you do it that has some requirements. If you don’t do them right, you’re likely to stay stuck where you are.
  • The recipe for letting go and moving on needs to include things beyond our mind and our will. Our emotions, our boundaries, our energy, our relationship with other people, and to life itself must be part of the recipe in order to completely dissolve the pain and be done with it.
  • People say time heals all, but why wait for the fullness of time if you know the steps to get over the pain from losses and disappointments. Why wait years if you can feel better in the next month?
  • We don’t know what makes people ready to heal or how long they need to be stuck. We don’t know why they need to be stuck for years before they finally decide they must move on.
  • Can anyone heal any emotional pain? What about people who’ve experienced real atrocities, truly despicable things?





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