Mary and Erin introduce an ingenious idea to prevent annoying family members from robbing your fun during the holidays. We all have them. One or two people in the family that drive us crazy or we just don’t like. We feel anxiety and tension from the moment we see them. It happens every year, but it doesn’t have to. Mary and Erin let you know how to enjoy holiday get-togethers with your family no matter who shows up.

Episode Highlights, Ideas and Wisdom

  • The people in our family are ours for a lifetime. We gotta learn how to live with them. We’re going to learn some things from them. Some we need to avoid as much as possible. Others we can learn how to enjoy the best we can.
  • Releasing, ahead of time, unrealistic expectations of family members that cause tension and stress is key to relaxing and enjoying holiday get-togethers.
  • It’s good to have some humor around the things that annoy you. The unrealistic expectations that you let go.
  • It’s the unrealistic expectations that push our anxiety, tension, and stress buttons. Releasing those expectations unhooks us from those buttons.
  • Once the tension and stress goes away and you start feeling comfortable, you’ll magically begin to see the good in even the most annoying family members.
  • Use this time of year as an opportunity to grow spiritually. It’s supposed to be a spiritual time. It is a spiritual time for most religions. Let this be the time to make this unconditional love business for real. Pick a person in your family to get a little clearer about and to enjoy more.