RT-line-for-postsIn this lecture, Mary Hayes Grieco shares her New Year’s message and explores women’s empowerment through the framework of her Self-Mastery tools.


WILL – Use your will, your spiritual muscle, to create and change the things you can for the better; surrender to a Higher Will with things you must accept. “The wisdom to know the difference.”

DISCIPLINE – Actions and attitudes that you do in the short term whether you feel like doing it or not because it will create greater happiness for you in the long term. Self-discipline is an act of self-love.

INTUITION – Like GPS for a driver, intuition is the guidance from your soul to your personality: it’s there to help you fulfill your purposes and to make life easier. Seeing, hearing, sensing, moving & touching, pure knowing.

BOUNDARIES – Know your territory! What is and isn’t yours to be concerned about. Who or what you will/will not have in your space. If you are stressed, resentful, or have no time for your real passions, you need to set a boundary.

FORGIVENESS – Forgiveness is letting go of an expectation that is causing you to suffer. We do forgiveness for ourselves, to release stagnant burdens of unfinished stories, and regain our vitality.

HEALTHY ANGER – Anger is the doorway to your power, but not a house you can live in.

VITAL ENERGY MANAGEMENT – Grounded, contained, protected, open to Spirit’s guidance each day. Avoiding toxic spaces, people, situations. Clearing out bad energy. Restoring energy when depleted.

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE – Align yourself with this Law of the Universe. See the good; be open to the spontaneous outpouring of Divine Love into you, that blesses and refreshes you, reminding you of worthiness and belonging.

GRATITUDE – Gratitude is the WD40 of the Spiritual life.  Practicing gratitude makes everything work better.

BE A WELL-TUNED INSTRUMENT AS YOU LIVE PURPOSEFULLY: “Relax, and Get Going!” Sing your song – your good song.


Mary’s questions for your New Year reflections:

  1. In what way or area of my life do I need to give myself full permission to be my real self this year?
  2. What do I need to release, in order to shine and to share my gifts more fully from now on?
  3. What action step will I take now in 2019 to bring new focus and energy into my dreams?



MARY HAYES GRIECO:  Psychic readings, Tarot card readings, Forgiveness coaching, Spiritual Direction. The Well Healing Arts Center – 2100 1st Av. South, Suite #103, Minneapolis, MN 5540

Mary’s contact info: 612-874-6622

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Mary’s suggested 3 Books about Will:

  1. The Act of Will – by Dr. Roberto Assagioli
  2. You are A Badass! – by Jen Sincero
  3. Mastering Life’s Energies – by Maria Nemeth