Modern Psychology – A Field on a Journey with Darla K. McEnroe, LMSW, NBCC

We continue exploring the explosive new growth in modern psychology, as Mary jams with Darla McEnroe, a busy therapist. Darla employs a number of new growth technologies with people in her busy practice. After 25 years of showing up to healing human pain in her daily work, Darla remains fresh and curious and enthused about it and she has much experience to share! We discuss some of the tools she uses to heal trauma: EMDR and HMR, and The Eight Steps of Forgiveness. Darla also shares how she takes care of herself to avoid burnout. Listen in and learn – we are all on a psychological journey, and the field of psychology itself is on an exciting journey.

Darla K. McEnroe LMSW, NBCC is a Clinical Supervisor and Therapist with Catholic Charities, Diocese of Sioux City Iowa.