The 8 Steps of Forgiveness

Facts and Myths about Forgiveness

Forgiveness is not what you thought it was – it’s so much better than that. It’s NOT: forgetting, excusing, saying it’s OK, giving up, being a doormat, staying open to further abuse, tolerating injustice, or reconciling and working things out.

Forgiveness is the refreshing experience of letting go of unrealistic expectations that are causing you to suffer; it’s a private act that clears stress from your body and mind, turns your bad story into wisdom, and sets you free to move forward in a new and better way. Most people don’t understand what forgiveness really is, and so they hold on to resentment, and resentment hurts you.

Forgiveness is something that you do for yourself, so you can breathe easy and sleep well at night, no matter what other people are doing or not doing. Real forgiveness is a profound and refreshing healing experience: an influx of fresh spiritual energy that dissolves your stress, re-sets your attitude, and brings you forward.

How do you forgive? There is a simple, step-by-step method that reliably brings swift and permanent relief to a painful emotional issue, no matter how long you have held it. There is a way to forgive others, and a way to forgive yourself, which is of vital importance. There’s even a way to forgive life situations or God. Our approach is based in holistic psychology and universal spiritual principles, and it can be used by people who practice a traditional religious faith, as well as by people who are spiritual but not affiliated with a church.

We created these podcast episodes to help you learn how to forgive and live free of stress for the rest of your life. It’s not hard to forgive – maybe you just don’t know how.

Get Started Now! Whoever you are, this information is offered to you sincerely, because you are a good person, and you deserve to be at peace so you can enjoy life.  Love, Mary & Erin


Here’s the Forgiveness Podcast Series: 

Befriending the F-word: Getting Ready to Tackle Some Forgiveness

Overview of the 8 Steps to Freedom

Getting Ready to Start Now

Step 1 – Will

Step 2 – Emotions

Step 3 – Mind

Step 4 – Boundaries

Step 5 – Spirit

Steps 6 thru 8 – Healing Energy

Recap – Pre and Post Forgiveness