Mary and Erin reveal the dreaded gap that causes most of our negative emotions and lousy feelings. It’s a game-changing way to look at life and deal with its disappointments. It will leave you feeling hopeful no matter how you’re feeling or what you’re going through.

Episode Highlights, Ideas and Wisdom:

  • We’re often disappointed by people in life, but we always have the power to release our expectations for them that aren’t realistic and causing us to suffer.
  • How stuck you are on your expectations or how attached you are to your ideas about how things should be is often indicated by how stiff your neck or back is.
  • The amazing, amazing center trick of living life peacefully is to be able to see what expectations we need to let go of.
  • There’s this amazing dance between having expectations and letting go of expectations.
  • The amount of friction and stress that we’re feeling depends on the size of the gap between what we’re expecting and what is really happening.
  • Expectations help us see what’s important to us and the people around us.