Mary and Erin dig into our emotions and how they affect who we are and what we do. They explore the differences between the person we are when we’re emotionally healthy and the person we are when we’re not. Let’s just say there can be some big differences. Some aren’t pretty and create serious relationship issues and other not so good disruptions in our lives.

Episode Highlights, Ideas and Wisdom:

  • Emotion is a place where we all live.
  • What it feels like to be emotionally healthy and not emotionally healthy.
  • Emotional health is key to our physical health. It’s key to our happy relationships. It’s key to what makes every day worth meeting.
  • We don’t get to be happy all the time.
  • What happens when you’re not in touch with your feelings?
  • Emotions are part of our personality.
  • People who aren’t emotionally healthy often eat their feelings. Drink their feelings. Work too hard, too long. They aren’t comfortable in their own skin. They aren’t able to get mad or deal with anger in a healthy way.
  • Our culture doesn’t leave us much room for a loss. People are nice to us for a couple of days. In a month or two, they wonder why we are still moping around.
  • Grief is a slow emotional weather system that requires consistent compassion for yourself or the person that’s nearby you in grief.
  • We need to keep moving along like the current in a river. So often, we are so productivity oriented. We’re like come on, be your best. Produce. Let’s be amazing. We just can’t be amazing every single day.
  • If you get really good at handling your feelings, it helps you know who you are. It helps you know what you love and who you love. What you’re passionate about and what makes you angry because it’s unjust and offends your values. It’s really a lot about knowing yourself.
  • Emotions add color and drama to our stories and our lives. Emotions make us human and make us the interesting creatures that we are.
  • Can people choose how they feel?
  • Our minds and emotions interface, but they’re on different circuits. You can have a good attitude and feel miserable at the same time.
  • Our emotions are colorful and hot. Maybe unfair. Maybe judgmental.
  • Signs that you are not emotionally healthy: You’re grumpy. You’re kind of shut down. You’re sort of turned away. You’re kind of negative or you’re exploding.
  • It’s so troublesome if we don’t face into our emotions. It causes fights. It causes people sinking into depression and getting stuck there.
  • Emotions are fluid. They do move along if we don’t get in their way. If we don’t obstruct them by telling ourselves we can’t have this feeling or by trying to nuke them out with alcohol, drugs or food. The more we do that the more we stay stuck.


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